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    • New Cellulose Manufacturer Set for a 2018 Launch February 23, 2017
      Subtitle:  The Buffalo-based company will help fill the void left by the closure of National Fiber Images:  Builders in the Northeast who have missed the friendly voice of Bill Hulstrunk and cellulose from National Fiber, the Massachusetts-based firm he worked for, can look forward to the launch of a new company and a fresh source […]
    • Bradford White Buys GeoSpring Rights and Equipment February 21, 2017
      Subtitle:  Bradford White will begin making its own line of heat-pump water heaters after buying production equipment from GE Appliances Images:  Bradford White will pick up where GE Appliances left off as it buys the production equipment GE used to make the GeoSpring heat-pump water heaterAn appliance that uses an air-source heat pump to heat […]
    • California Gets New Water Conservation Rules February 17, 2017
      Subtitle:  A law that took effect at the start of the year requires water-conserving fixtures in single-family homes built before 1994 Images:  A state law that became effective at the beginning of the year requires that all plumbing fixtures in houses built before 1994 meet water conservation standards, theoretically pushing many thousands of residents to […]
    • Solar Jobs Are Booming February 16, 2017
      Subtitle:  One of every 50 jobs created in the U.S. last year was in the solar industry, while installed solar capacity nearly doubled in one year Images:  More than 260,000 workers in the U.S. have found employment in the solar industry, with 51,000 jobs added to the workforce in 2016 alone, according to a new […]
    • Next Generation Spray Foams Trickle into the Market February 9, 2017
      Subtitle:  The blowing agent used in new closed-cell formulations will contribute far less to global warming than the chemistry it replaces Images:  UPDATED on Feb. 9, 2017 Reformulated versions of spray polyurethane foam with only a tiny fraction of the global warming potential of their predecessors are getting easier to find. Texas-based Demilec, a manufacturer […]
    • Walmart Fined in Greenwashing Case February 7, 2017
      Subtitle:  According to a group of district attorneys in California, labels on plastic products were misleading to consumers Images:  The case against the country's biggest retailer involved labels on plastic products that erroneously claimed the products were biodegradable or compostable, according to an article posted by Plastic News. read more
    • Solar Panels Near Break-Even Point February 2, 2017
      Subtitle:  A new study examines the question of when photovoltaic modules settle their 'carbon debt' and become clean energy producers Images:  More efficient manufacturing processes have steadily reduced the amount of energy required to make photovoltaic(PV) Generation of electricity directly from sunlight. A photovoltaic cell has no moving parts; electrons are energized by sunlight and […]
    • Boston Mulls a New Template for Urban Housing February 1, 2017
      Subtitle:  A collaborative pitches small modular housing as a way to align the city's housing stock with what residents need Images:  A Boston startup is proposing a new housing model designed to solve a fundamental problem with urban apartments — they're too big. The company, Livelight, and architect Tamara Roy developed a model for very […]
    • Tackling the Skilled Labor Shortage January 27, 2017
      Subtitle:  Fine Homebuilding magazine joins efforts to bolster training and trade opportunities with a Keep Craft Alive campaign Images:  Fine Homebuilding magazine has launched an effort to help reverse a decline in skilled labor, a trend that is threatening the construction industry and making it harder for homeowners to find qualified contractors. read more
    • An Aging Solar Star Eases into Retirement January 25, 2017
      Subtitle:  Entries in the Solar Decathlon design competitions get a brief time in the spotlight before they are put out to pasture — and sometimes turned into actual dwellings Images:  It looks like a cross between a classic roadside diner and an Airstream travel trailer, but in its day the Michigan Solar House Project was […]

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      Building green is so important to instil in our younger generation. We have chosen to build green so our family will have a home that is not only healthy to live in, will be efficient to operate and will stand the test of time. Not like anything else built these days, where the life expectancy of any product is reduced to farther someone’s profit. looking forward to more people going green, lets help them out!

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