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Canadian homeowners and the domicile [infographic]


Canadian homeowners infographic

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Canada’s a pretty big place. Even though the life of a condo dweller in downtown Montreal might be pretty different from someone living in a Prairie country home, it’s still interesting to take a look at the bigger picture.

2 out of 3 Canadian households own their own domicile

47.3% without mortgage
52.6% with mortgage

Type of home construction

56% detached homes
31% apartments and condos
11% semi-detached homes/townhomes
2% other kinds of homes

43.4% of homes have 7+ rooms
27.5% of homes have 1-4 rooms

Number of bathrooms

1 – 59%
2 (or more) – 41%

Most used heating equipment

Water – 15 %
Hot air 45%
Wood – 5%
Electricity - 35%

Most used combustible for heating

Oil – 10%
Gas – 50%
Electricity – 35%
Wood – 5%

infographic by Domicile Experts

Source: Les habitudes de epense au Canada, Statistique Canada 2009

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